Howdy! My name is Rhea. My home is a perpetual work-in-progress.  I reside in this crazy little shack with my husband/ best friend, Daddy Mac, my grandmother (whom we affectionately refer to as Mo-Mo), 4 of our wildly spontaneous, funny, beautiful children, and an assortment of cats and dogs.  A true-blue Southerner, I love sweet tea, burlap, chippy paint, the sound of cicadas, and rusty ol’ trucks. I say “fixin-to”, “aint”, and “y’all”. I’d love to tell you that I live in my dream home and my life is picture-perfect……I’d be lying. My home is quite often chaotic, messy, and very, very loud. But I love it just the same. While my house is not yet my dream home, I’m working on it. One detail at a time.


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